Residence 9 Windows

Residence 9 or Flush Finish window is a new window system designed to replicate the 19th Century Flush Sash Timber window. This authentic design is also appealing to any homeowner who wants a top end luxury window brand.

  • It achieves one of the highest classification in weather tests due to its robust design
  • It is hand finished and made by craftsman.
  • It is made of composite material
  • Only available in heritage colours
  • It has top end window system
  • You can personalise your Residence 9 windows with a choice of Monkeytail handles and Peardrop designs

If your house is from early 19th century and looking installer for Residence 9 windows in north London then we can recreate your period bay windows. Our Residence 9 windows are designed to reduce the noise and give the best thermal insulation. You can opt for Planitherm glass or 44mm triple glazing with market leading acoustic performance. It’s simple to find the cost and energy savings you’re looking for.

One of our designers and installer will visit you at home to give expert advice based on your particular needs and show you the benefits of upgrading to high performance glass units. They’ll also guide you through deciding on decorative bars and glass to give your home the style you’re looking for.

Once you’ve decided on the best option for your home, they can give you an accurate quote. Our craftsmen will then make your sash windows to your exact specifications, ensuring that they fit perfectly.

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Reasons to purchase our
products and service:

  • "A" Rated UPVC
  • Durable
  • No Discolouration
  • Energy Efficient
  • Guaranteed
  • No Cracking
  • Low U-Value Products
  • Robust Reinforcement
  • Not sub-Contracted