Doors are the only barriers between inside your home and the world outside. It plays a vital role in enhancing the security and giving the first impression of your home.

Whether you select a door from our UPVC, Composite range, Aluminium, Steel or Timber, you can customise your most ideal design by choosing from our range of styles and finishes to complete your door. We use the highest quality, latest technology and design to assure you the durability, security and aesthetic of your door. You can choose a door for your home without worrying about discolouring, rotting, warping, cracking and leaks.

Our security system is ahead of contemporary locking system. If you are looking for a security system with the most sophisticated design, Imagine Home Improvement will offer you the one. Our robust, multi-locking point system is made of high grade stainless steel lock to optimise the security of your home.

Our doors comply with the British Standard and we have a range of styles and finishes that can accommodate your taste and need. Once you have chosen the right door and design, we manufacture and install the door including the frame within a short period of time.

You can choose Aluminium, Composite, Timber, Wood Effect and UPVC. We offer our customers a spectrum of very traditional to the latest design in different colours.

Our glass panels are ‘A’ rated and you can choose a combination of double or triple, bevelled, leaded, obscured or stained glass. Also, our wide-range of furniture options offer you different colours of traditional and modern letter plate, door knob, handle and door number.

If you want to open up the indoor to outdoor and allow free flow access, folding door will accomplish the mission for you. The doors are designed to open and fold back offering you an opening of more than 90% of the space.

By releasing a shoot-bolt mechanism the doors will glide easily to the side and stack neatly at 90 degrees to the frame. It is possible to stack the doors on either side of the space they open. The smooth running operation of the doors is provided by adjustable tandem running wheels. We are able to manufacture large panels that slide easily to open up spaces. You can have your bi-fold door in Aluminium, Upvc, Timber, and in a range of colours.

Our energy saving bi-fold doors help you to reduce your energy bills and to keep your home warm in cold winter.

If you want to give your home a traditional look and enhance her classical style, Georgian is the right choice.

Our Georgian or cottage doors are in consistent with traditional style and latest design. Our Georgian – Cottage doors are the most suitable one for older homes. They are maintenance free and made-to-measured. You can install our Georgian doors in any part of your home.

The Georgian bars can be fitted in the middle of two panes of glass or mounted over both sides of the panes in any different proportion you opt for.

Our Georgian doors are ‘A’ rated, energy efficient, internally glazed and fully sealed so you do not need to worry about draft and leaks. They are made of the highest quality, so, they do not discolour, warp or crack. They come with a range of colours and finishes to accommodate your liking.

French doors are ideal for a wide range of uses, especially where a traditional look is required. It makes a unique design within your home. Our French doors have a classic appearance with the benefit of modern and contemporary locking system and energy efficiency. It brings fresh air to your dining room, kitchen and lounge. Our French doors are perfect for conservatories. They come in a wide-range of style, colour and finishe to blend with any home. Whether you are looking for classic white or cream, golden oak or rosewood, we have the style that match with your taste.

Our sliding door is another option to open up the space generously and maximise the lightning of your home. Sliding door is an excellent alternative to avoid blocking your view to your beautiful garden. Our sliding doors are made-to-measure and fitted to the highest standards.

Our sliding doors can be made of two, three, or four sections and in a range of colours. You can have them in UPVC, Aluminium, Timber and Timber Effect.

Security and safety are our top priority. We have a unique and sophisticated locking system on sliding doors. Our sliding doors come with special toughened glass as our standard or laminated glass if you opt for.

So, why don’t you give us a call to find out more about our door styles and get a quote? We can talk you through and give you a quote on spot.

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  • "A" Rated UPVC
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  • Not sub-Contracted